VSP Piano Tuning, Repair service

  • How’s your piano?


Due to changes in humidity and temperature. A piano gradually goes out of tune. That’s why we do recommend a piano tuning at least once a year for ease of playing. An out-of tune piano makes musical expression difficult. It’s hard to play moreover can lead to frequent or unnecessary mistakes. I believe it is important for everybody who loves music to have a Kanagawa,Tokyo,Chiba,Saitama area. Please send me a message from here.

  • Rates for tuning service


Vertical piano – 15,120yen(tax included)
Grand piano – 19,440yen(tax included)
*no matter the previous tuning

The service includes

  1. Vacum cleaning of the inside of a piano
  2. Minor repair and adjustment of the action.
    note:if major repair need.(string breakage,hammers burst etc.)
    The client will be informed more detail before I start servicing.
  3. Bring the pitch back to the standard pitch.
    *no travel surcharge is applied

As a Registered Piano Technician with the Piano Technicians Guild.
Piano work is my everything. I provide professional piano service.